Winthrop to Host Fresh Check Day Event on Oct. 27th

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Winthrop University will host on Oct. 27 a Fresh Check Day, a concept designed to bring the whole campus community together to “check-in” on the mental health and wellness of college students.

The event will take place in the West Center from 9 a.m. to noon.

The West Center will be transformed into an expo-like atmosphere to bring together interactive exhibits combined with food, prizes and giveaways. “The booths feature peer-to-peer messaging in a positive, community-focused setting and cover a variety of topics that impact our students like civic engagement, alcohol consumption, stress management, bystander intervention, building social networks and others,” said Rosie Hopkins-Campbell, organizer for the event and the coordinator for campus wellness.

Created by the Jordan Porco Foundation, Fresh Check Day will create an approachable and hopeful atmosphere where students are encouraged to engage in dialogue about mental health. It also is designed to help to build a bridge between students and the mental health resources available.

The event is free and has been organized by Wellness Services and Counseling Services with collaborating campus departments at Winthrop, student volunteers and a representative of The Jordan Porco Foundation.

For more information, contact Hopkins-Campbell at or call her at 803/323-2206.