Comporium Providing 60 Days of Free Internet Service to Students

Staff Report From York County CEO

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

With the continuing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster and North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, made the difficult decision to close all public schools through the end of March. Knowing that our students and their parents will need greater access to broadband, Comporium is offering 60 days of free service to new customers in homes where a student lives. We want to make sure that as the need to be connected to the world increases, Comporium is doing its part to make that easier.

Comporium is offering 60 days of free Standard HSI service and free installation to any home that is:

The primary home of a student in kindergarten through high school, in technical school, in college, or in graduate school;

Currently without our internet service and that hasn’t had internet service with Comporium for the past 90 days; and

Located where Comporium would normally provide internet service.

We are also waiving installation fees and our normal security deposit process during this time. Comporium plans to keep this opportunity available to new customers through the end of March and will reevaluate it at that time.

Comporium is also committed to working with customers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) to prevent their internet service from being disconnected during this challenging situation. For 125 years, we have always made a point to work with our customers in difficult situations to try to keep them connected. We will continue to do that throughout the coronavirus outbreak. We know that during difficult times like this, a connection to work, school, and current events in the world is more important than ever.

Additionally, Comporium has already been working with the Lancaster County School District to assist them as they prepared to meet their students’ needs remotely. As more school districts in our area prepare to send their students and teachers home, we will assist them in any way we can to make their jobs easier. Shortly after the governors announced the closing of public schools across the Carolinas, our team began contacting our local school districts’ superintendents to discuss ways that we could help ease their burden.

Our network is designed and ready for events like this. Comporium has recently made upgrades to both our core network and our field equipment. Even during this trying time, our broadband network is more than capable of handling the additional strain of many people working and learning from home. Comporium’s technicians are also monitoring the network continuously to ensure that they detect and address any problems as soon as possible.

Finally, as we stated on March 12, Comporium has taken steps to ensure our employees’ and our customers’ safety. Those measures include work and travel policy changes, increased education on illness prevention methods, and more stringent practices for disinfecting vehicles and tools between customer visits. We want to make sure that our technicians can continue to serve our community safely, quickly, and with the same level of professionalism our customers have come to expect.