Dominion Energy Reminds Customers of the Telltale Signs of Utility Scams

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Dominion Energy is offering tips during National Consumer Protection Week to help customers recognize the telltale signs of utility scammers.

“Scammers are relentless, and they are very good at coming up with more and more sophisticated ways to trick our customers,” said Sam Dozier, vice president of customer service for Dominion Energy South Carolina. “No matter what they tell you, we will never make threatening phone calls, demand customers pay over the phone or ask for payment with a prepaid card.”

Customers with Dominion Energy South Carolina's new mobile app will be able to access real-time account information that can quickly disprove a scammer's allegations. Customers with the app are empowered to review their balance and due date if they receive a call from a utility imposter claiming they have an overdue balance, for example. The app is available to download from Apple and Google Play stores by searching SC - Dominion Energy.

Recognize the signs of utility scammers:

Dominion Energy does not call customers and threaten to disconnect natural gas or electric service if the customer does not make a payment immediately. Likewise, Dominion Energy will never demand payment with a credit or debit card by phone, or ask you to buy a prepaid card, wire a transfer, or send a money order to pay your bill.

Oftentimes, utility scammers will target small businesses, such as restaurants, and threaten service disconnection during peak business hours to instill fear and a sense of urgency.

Utility scammers are known to falsify their caller ID so it appears they're calling from a local number, even Dominion Energy's customer service number. When in doubt, hang up.

Not all scammers are aggressive. Some scammers find success in being personable and sympathetic.

In all of these cases, don't provide any identifying information such as your social security, credit or debit card numbers. Hang up and check your account balance and payment due tate by reviewing your account, using the company's mobile app or calling the number located on your energy bill. For more scam prevention tips, visit