South Carolina Banks Open for Business and Ready to Serve

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Friday, March 20th, 2020

The South Carolina Bankers Association is working with its 70 member banks that are in South Carolina in addressing the coronavirus and its impact among their customers and employees.

The entire banking industry is taking aggressive steps to protect their customers, staff, and communities while ensuring the delivery of important financial services such as deposits, money, and credit availability.

“The banking industry is the cornerstone of all economic activity in every community, our state, and our nation.   Providing banking services in a safe and reliable fashion is especially important during times like these”, said SCBA Chairman Sam Erwin and Regional President of IBERIABANK.  “I am especially proud of all of our banks working together to share ideas and experiences so that we can continue to deliver critical services to our customers.”

“We changed our website lead on Monday morning to simply say:  “Our banks are open for business and we are too”, said SCBA CEO Fred Green.  “Like all other employers, banks are taking common sense steps to keep people healthy.”

During these times, all banks are communicating with their customers and are offering multiple ways to interact and accomplish their banking needs during the time when social distancing is a priority.  Several steps include:

Banks are encouraging customers to utilize drive-thru, digital and ATM channels for transactional services.

Customers facing financial hardships as a result of COVID-19 should contact their bank to discuss their individual situations; the earlier the contact with your bank, the better.

Banks may be adjusting hours and/or limiting lobby access in some branches and will have messaging on their website and social media channels with information, so customers will know how best to make appointments to meet with bankers, access safe deposit boxes, and handle other transactions in branches not readily achievable through ATMs or digital banking.

Banks are enhancing cleaning and sanitary practices to help mitigate the potential spread of the virus.

The SCBA is working closely with all of our banks, state and federal regulatory offices and South Carolina elected officials to ensure the effective delivery of banking services.