Following Carnival’s Suspension of Operations, Vessel Remains at Columbus Street Terminal

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

After passengers disembarked from the Carnival Sunshine on Monday, March 16, the vessel shifted to Columbus Street Terminal.

There are approximately 1,100 crew members on board. Carnival communicated to S.C. Ports and Customs and Border Protection that the crew will remain on the ship for at least 14 days. They stated that the crew is all healthy, and that they will remain on the ship for the mutual benefit and safety of both residents and crew members. The ship is provisioned to feed and support the crew.

Carnival communicated they would periodically sail the Sunshine out of the harbor for the lawful disposal of gray water and to take on water for their needs. This action occurred Wednesday, March 18.

Carnival communicated the entire ship will be “open” and the crew will be continuing general maintenance, sanitation and many other ongoing efforts. Carnival stated this will have no impact on fuel consumption; only one engine is utilized for these operations.

Regarding the 30-day suspension of operations, the Cruise Lines implemented this voluntary cessation in coordination with the Trump Administration last Friday, and the CDC was intimately involved as well. As the initial 30-days run, cruise lines are continuing coordination with the federal authorities regarding next steps.

S.C. Ports continues to work with federal agencies and our cruise line partners in support of the Charleston community.